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More about me

Coming from an engineering background, I’m a full-stack freelance developer and a huge fan and supporter of WordPress.

I develop for this platform on a daily basis since 2013, and I just love it! I’m also actively participating in various WordPress communities and attending WordCamp conferences. On the side, I am also interested in affiliate marketing – mainly with CPL offers and PPC campaigns.

Where it all started

I have a background in Engineering Physics and a published scientific paper in the field of quantum computing.

I set out to study this interesting science at the university because I’ve always loved math, computers, and physics. Eventually, I became more and more focused on programming and web applications, which let to my slight shift in career paths.

My momentum gathered quickly and here I am.

Since then, I began focusing more on programming languages and expanding my knowledge in the web development field. And that’s my focus today, although I still love exploring and reading anything related to physics and new technologies. In fact, I also plan to go more in-depth into the AI field soon, which combines all of the above sciences.

I’d be happy to see you around, and feel free to connect with me about any subject you have on your mind! I have a lot of projects, but many of them are under NDA so I can provide some samples upon demand.

  • 7+
    Years of experience
  • 90+
    Projects completed
  • 750+
    Tasks completed

Some open source projects

  • WP Background Processing with Redis – This is extented fork of the original WP Background processing from Ashley Rich. I’ve added support for Redis database, because saving huge jobs in the MySQL database makes it slow and more likely to crash ( had similar cases ).
  • Contact Form 7 ZohoCampaigns Extension – Extension for the Contact Form 7 plugin which lets you connect your Zoho Campaigns account with CF7 form.
  • WooCommerce Product Vendor bank – WordPress plugin. You can choose different bank accounts and PayPals for different authors. For example – user X has created product B and user Y has created product B. This way, the product A/B will support only payments connected to user X/Y respectively. In case of bank account, only corresponding bank accounts are displayed on the “thank you” page and in the email sent to the customer.
  • WP Add Guest User – Quickly add any user to WordPress without valid email address. Useful when developing or debuging user-related functions and hooks.
  • UM User Photo – Allow admin to change Ultimate Member user photo from user edit page and choose from media library.

Technologies & Languages

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • HTML
  • CSS & SASS
  • jQuery
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Nginx
  • Linux Sysadmin
  • AWS
  • Docker

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