What I do

WordPress plugins, themes and applications

My main focus over the last 7 years is custom WordPress solutions. This includes crafting themes and plugins from scratch, implementing custom solutions, creating headless apps with Vue/React, optimizing security and performance. Of course, following the official codex along the way.

Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, you name it.

If you want a fully custom PHP application then using a popular MVC framework is a must. My best bets here are always Laravel or Phalcon.

Just a pixel-perfect front end? You have it!

My front-end workflow consist of writing a proper W3C HTML Markup and modern CSS using SASS preprocessing. Animations are done in pure CSS, but for some projects I use GSAP.

JavaScript? Ofcourse.js

In a world of rapidly evolving JavaScript frameworks, I try to stick with vanilla JS where I can, with jQuery where I can't and with Vue.js or React where I need to.

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