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Full-stack Web Engineer

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Coming from an engineering background, I’m a full-stack freelance web developer and a huge fan and supporter of WordPress .

I develop on this platform on a daily basis since 2013, and I just love it ( well, it can tear my nerves from time to time but that’s what love is )! I’m also actively participating in various WordPress communities and attending WordCamp conferences.

I have a bachelor in Engineering Physics ( with published scientific paper in the field of quantum computing ) and a master of Computer engineering. I always try to learn and explore new programming languages and to expand my knowledge in the web development field, which is my main focus at the moment.

I’d be happy to see you around, and feel free to connect with me about anything you have on your mind! I have a lot of projects, but many of them are under NDA so I can provide some samples upon demand.

What I Do

FULL-STACK Web • Server architecture • security


This includes crafting themes and plugins from scratch, fixing existing infrastructure, implementing custom solutions, and creating headless apps . Of course, following the official codex along the way.


Scaling WordPress demands careful planning and execution. Depending on the project, the solutions can very from simple load balancing, external database cluster or whole k8s cluster.


Optimizing WordPress for speed is crucial for better UX and SEO. Although the more important part is the hosting stack and setup, there is still left to be done within WordPress.


If you want a fully custom PHP application then using a popular MVC framework is recommended. My best bet here is always Laravel. Different language? No problem – I have experience with Java, Python, and Node.js as well.


Just a pixel-perfect front end? A proper W3C HTML Markup and SASS preprocessing. Animations are done in pure CSS, but for more complex projects I use GSAP. As far as JavaScript goes, I try to stick with vanilla JS where I can, with jQuery where I have to, and with Vue.js or React where I need to.


A proper server stack is the foundation of a good and reliable platform. I have experience in designing complex K8S clusters, load balancers, database replication clusters and WordPress-specific optimized LEMP stacks.

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