SellingOnFacebookThere are lots of people who have not realized that Facebook has a potential to tremendously increase sales. You might have heard it before but wondered whether it is practical.

Save the numerous success stories and online reviews by entrepreneurs who’ve benefited by selling on Facebook, you need to arm yourself with the right tactics lest it remains a dream. You might really wonder whether it is possible to sell on a social networking site when you hear the stories.

Is Facebook not a place of reconnecting with childhood friends? Absolutely it is and that is the very reason why you need to acquaint yourself with the right tactics you can employ to drive sales of your products online.


Basics: What You Should Know About Selling on Facebook


First you’ll need to log in to your  account. After that, create a page for the line of business you deal in. Make the page as detailed as possible by providing your information relating to business nature, products, contacts, physical address and other relevant information. Make sure that the profile is visible to everyone. ( Don’t know how to create a Facebook page ? Check my article here. )


Think of your target market and identify the individuals while befriending them by sending them requests or asking them to recommend your page to their friends.If you already have a fan page, just ask them to like your page.


Make your friends and fans community engaged by regularly updating them on the special offers you have, giveaways, free samples, planned exhibitions and post the photos of all products as well. Always interact with them by regularly writing content they have interest in, comment on their posts and even offer to meet others and take photos with them.


This way, you crate credibility and closeness with your target market. Remember to constantly request your friends or fans to recommend your page to others to like it.


The rule of thumb is that the more followers you have, the more new customers gain confidence about your page.




You could alternatively benefit from Facebook Ads if you want to take selling on Facebook a notch higher. If you are already an established company and you wish to advertise yourself to reach a wider audience, you can opt to create an advert that will be kept visible on numerous Facebook pages though you have to pay some amount.

The entire process of creating an ad is very simple and can be done from your Facebook account. You just need your credit card to pay and within a short duration your ad will be online (Need assistance with Facebook ads ? – Send me a message and I will setup your Facebook ad campaign).


Encourage satisfied customers to positively review your business on your wall page to attract more buyers.


Always remain true to your pledges and promises to customers. Ensure that you deliver client purchases in time in case you offer delivery of the goods. This is because clients can post anything on your wall page and if they dissatisfied, they might review you negatively.

By following the above tips, be sure to start selling on Facebook as soon as you conceive. Always remember to use the Facebook Store and you can increase sales by a tenfold.