YouTube marketing is an extension of the traditional search engine marketing that we have mostly all become familiar with. The only difference is instead of creating a keyword specific niche site, we’re creating a keyword specific video.
With that one difference aside, everything else is very similar. You pick a niche, do your keyword research, create your content and then publish it.
YouTube marketing works extremely well if done correctly. You can use it to drive traffic to your main website, you can use it to drive traffic to your squeeze page and therefore build a list or you can use it to promote different CPA offers.


Does it work so well ?


There are few reasons why YouTube marketing is extremely powerful marketing tool.

First, even most traditional websites are starting to use videos in place of sales letters or articles.  It is easier  to create trust in a video than it is in a sales letter and it’s better for those of us, which are not good enough with writing.

Second, people are lazy and they prefer watching a video than reading a long text. Even if the video is not that good at all, it’s still the better way to go.
Lastly, but not least,  is the fact that Google own YouTube. That’s why YouTube marketing works so well.



Have you noticed that Google is trying to steer you towards using more of their content to answer your questions. When Google is able to give you a YouTube video that answers your question, that means they didn’t lose you to another website. That’s why Google LOVES YouTube!


What to promote on YouTube


You’re ready to act, but  not exactly sure what to promote? Don’t overthink it. You can promote almost anything.

Remember, YouTube marketing  is like traditional website niche marketing.
Every niche is potentially profitable on YouTube, you just have to find the profitable keywords.That’s all you must do.

Here is a list of examples of good  niches that are suitable with YouTube:

Weight loss
Apple (iPads & iPhones)
Personal finance
Video Games
Web Design
Website creation and others.


If you haven’t started YouTube marketing, now is the time. There is nothing to be afraid of. In a couple of hours you can create simple videos in every niche you desire and have them published right away. It’s even simpler than it sounds.