As the name indicates a Social Network is a place where potential consumers of a business could be connected together. Access to technology and the Internet has changed consumer habits.

These days if a company is not well positioned in social networking statistics of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or among dozens of other more, it will lose a sovereign opportunity to directly interact with the consumers.SocialNetworkStatistics

The development of a relationship is the primary goal for social media marketing. Making users dialogue with the brand and/or company, so it is something that should be prioritized.

In fact nowadays it is not enough to launch a generic advertising campaign for everyone. Instead it is necessary that companies speak directly to their target audience and monitor the whole process of business interaction. Social networks are no doubt a prime location for these.

So it makes sense to emphasize the usefulness of social networks, and social networking statistics, as marketing tools.



Twitter is a social networking with quick, agile, young and informal environment. This is the environment that the potential customer feel. Therefore, you should keep the communication tone informal. The purpose of Twitter is to direct traffic to a specific page of a site. The more followers you have on Twitter, the greater is the power to influence the market.

Another point to consider is time. Twitter is used mostly during working hours. Forget it before 9:00 and after 18:00. Therefore, you should schedule your tweets throughout the day or week and that will make your comments more organized and more frequent. There are several tools that allow the programming of tweets.

It should also be noted that Twitter may not be the most appropriate means to disseminate product images. For example, if you are selling dresses, the visual is the most important. Maybe Facebook or Pinterest are more suitable than Twitter.



Using Facebook as a marketing tool for a company is a good bet. But how?

The cheapest option is consistent duration and content production. After creating a page for the business, and providing all the basic information such as contact, address, and business description, it’s time for content.

If you haven’t made a Facebook page, follow my guide on “How to make a Facebook page” .

Although it is a fantastic communication tool, Facebook cannot replace a site. Limitations to customize the appearance, deliver content and domain name are just some of the disadvantages regarding the website.

Having a Facebook page can be viewed as an after-sales service, a way to assign added value to the brand and stand out from the rest of the competition, through close relationships with the customer.


Pinterest is a good social network that helps you build links, trust and loyalty in a very visual way. Using Pinterest as a marketing tool is a good way to increase traffic to your website and, hopefully, generate sales.

A technique used by the most successful companies on Pinterest is also integrating Twitter. So whenever they put material, they can send it immediately via Twitter, maximizing exposure.

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Finally, the act of pressing the button is not as immediate as in Twitter or Facebook. On Pinterest people have to identify with the photos, before the act of share, so it is important that the placed material is really good.