One of the best ways to make money online is to move up the internet marketing food chain and become a product creator.

Instead of settling for a fraction of a total sale’s value as an affiliate, you get a larger share of your sales efforts’ revenue by producing the product yourself. While the numbers may seem attractive, there are many hurdles to making money as a product creator.

You have to know how to find the people who will help you sell your product. You have to pay attention to and cater to the needs of the end users of your product. You also have to devise a product creation system that will enable you to produce high quality digital products while keeping your costs low.

There are definitely lots of factors to keep in mind. Still, the biggest challenge to making money as a product creator is the very basic step of deciding which product to create.

Here are some tried and proven techniques you can use when looking for ideas for new digital or information products to create and market.

Social Media Trends



Pay attention to what is trending at social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Digg, and other online platforms where users interact. These trends might lead to new up and coming niches that are below the radar.

Pay attention to the keywords and terms people are using.Blogs are also great sources for finding trending topics and concepts.

The good news is that there are software tools you can use to quickly determine new terms that you might want to target.

TIP: You can start by buying domains based on these terms.



Amazon Kindle Top-Selling Titles in Specific Categories



Amazon is another great source of niche ideas. People buy books all the time and these books focus on certain topics. If you notice a sudden spurt in interest regarding a particular subject matter, you might want to investigate further.Why?

If people are interested enough to part with some of their hard-earned dollars to read up on the topic, they might be willing to buy products related to that particular topic.

Moreover, hot trends on Amazon Kindle might lead to rising social trends that can usher in a need for a wide range of products and services. You can create information products based on these trends.

You can also figure out what the current Kindle books are handling and write your product based on the aspects of the overall problem current books aren’t addressing.



Double Check Google Adwords Planner Keyword Volume



To make sure that you’re not just barking up the wrong tree when it comes to niches, make sure you filter all the trending and interesting topics you found using social media and Amazon through Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner tool.

List out the particular trending terms and figure out how many people search for them every single month. Figure out how much advertisers are willing to pay for ad clicks triggered by such words.

These should be enough to give you a rough idea regarding the value of the particular niche concepts you’ve discovered.

Last, but not least, run searches on your trending terms and determine how many other web pages already exist to target such terms.


Final Words


By picking trending terms that have commercial value, decent search volume, and low competition, you pave the way for a solid niche product.

By being methodical about your product’s niche selection, you lay the groundwork for greater success in an otherwise hypercompetitive global market for digital products.